Double wall paper coffee cups

Amazing insulation for hot coffee, bulk order with a great price,double wall paper coffee cups are the proper cups proper to you .main cup wall insulated well to keep coffee warm.
– We have a strict quality control system to monitor all the steps of production, each coffee paper cup is selected without any defects
– Double walled: special consideration of keeping the temperature for a long time
– Dark board design which is coordinated with the coffee and romantic theme
– Tailored sizes or printing for a logo or advertising slogans
– Competitive prices assure win-win stands for long-term benefits for each other

Measurement Dimension
paper cup top diameter Top Diameter 76 mm
paper cup height Height 92 mm
paper cup bottom diameter Bottom Diameter 53 mm
MOQ : ≥ 20,000PCS
Customize : Logo & Size
Product Details

Why Forcovir could deserve your trust over other competitors for your custom logo-printed Double wall paper coffee cups?

  • We have been focused on producing double wall paper cups with rigidly selected paper for over 10 years ago.
  • Despite a small order we guarantee a better price than other paper cups manufactuers or suppliers
  • Outstanding patience on any request from you, from the picking of models to the final order, you could experience an absolutely new happy service.
  • Price transparency. some suppliers add a little bit on each unit or extra fees in case of some requests, we can reduce all of them
  • With the above pattern in mind, you doubt why you can do this, as we have stable orders all year round, margin profit can keep our plants going, long term business is our goal.

No enough to speak aloud as above,Our product -double wall paper coffee cups say for themselves. only a chance to experiment

Try single wall type paper cups or ripple type craft paper cups if you have this demand

Double wall paper coffee cups sizes


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