Double wall 8 oz paper coffee cups

Compostable biodegradable hot double wall 8 oz paper coffee cups designed with personalized logo printing, and promotional branding in the most economical way.

Measurement Dimension
paper cup top diameter Top Diameter 75 mm
paper cup height Height 88 mm
paper cup bottom diameter Bottom Diameter 53 mm
MOQ : ≥ 40,000PCS
Customize : Logo & design
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Product Details

Main Properties of Double walled paper coffee cups

Double wall 8 oz paper coffee cups are key members of the food-grade disposable double walled paper cups group (7.5oz/8oz/10oz/12oz/16oz/20oz).
These papers are novel in appearance, high quality, double heat insulation and temperature preservation, suitable whether you are coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate, and any other hot drinks
Paper cup lids and sleeves are optional.
Color: all Flexo printed color, plain white, matt black, etc.
Environment: all Eco-friendly biodegradable, composable recyclable materials.Sugarcane bagasse, bamboo, and other pure natural raw boxboard paper materials.
Coating: PE or PLA, fully broken down to the soil, safe to touch with the human body.
Style or type: Small/tall/squat/vending/hot/cold
Single wall customized paper cups orders for hot and cold drinks certainly are acceptable.

Production capacity:

8000 Cartons per Day .1000pcs a carton.
Storage condition: Dust-free and aseptic standardized paper cup storage warehouse, professional management.
Fast Delivery: 15-20 days from the order and design confirmed.
Price: negotiable with different quantity levels.
Paper cups sample requirement: we would like to provide samples, samples for free and the delivery fee is at the buyer’s account for bilateral trust purposes.

Dimensions of double wall 8 oz paper coffee cups

Top rim diameter = 7.5cm
Base rim diameter = 5.3cm
Height = 8.8cm

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