bagasse plates- Biodegradable Disposable Cheap

Main features of natural100% PLA Sugarcane bagasse plates

Healthy and environmentally friendly materials, food safety level
Effective degradable and compostable within 90 days
Sturdy and durable, good hand feeling
Withstand Moist Overtime
Waterproof and Greaseproof
Soak Leak Resistant
Microwaveable, Freezable
No Leak,Sturdy
Smooth and non stick surface
many compartment types for choice
it can be customized into rectangle round ,suqare or other shapes,natural or white color

MOQ : ≥ 20,000PCS
Customize : 6 inch/7 inch /8 inch/9 inch
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Product Details

bagasse plates are hygienic nontoxic and Sanitaryeco friendly handy portable indispensable disposable tablewares which made from 100% biodegradable compostable Sugarcane bagasse.Bagasse Pulp and Bamboo Fiber Pulp is common choice for the raw material and acceptable to us

Sugarcane is mostly used to extract sugar, and bagasse was often discarded in the streets in the past. If not cleaned up in time, bagasse will attract insects and mosquitoes and breed viruses and other spreads because of the sugar residue. And the stench it emits can make people feel sick.

Sugarcane bagasse is supposed to be a vegetable waste residue that can be degraded quickly. It is an all-natural raw material in itself. We use our advanced equipment to sterilize and de-bacterize it into a blender, while putting it into an alkaline solution for mixing and high temperature steaming, after removing the remaining sugar in bagasse. it is rinsed and sterilized, and the remaining sugarcane fiber is pressed into a plate with a mold

The complex process above achieves sterilization, fully automated machine production and packing, avoiding contamination due to the involvement of workers in the production or packing process.

By using this pure natural bagasse and bamboo as raw materials, bagasse plates can greatly reduce the consumption of plastic or paper and reduce the consumption of wood, thus achieving the sustainable development of waste utilization and protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions.

The use of bagasse plates  and sugarcane bagasse bowls will completely replace those plastic products on the market that pollute the environment and endanger human health in the coming years.

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