8oz double wall paper cups

These 8oz double wall paper cups are made of virgin paper + different laminated particles (to prevent the paper cup from leaking when drinking) and are heat pressed into shape.:
– PLA cornstarch paper material,plastic free and 100% can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water within 4 months.
– Hygeian compliant PE coated
– Water-based coating
above variants not limited to 8oz double wall paper cups but can be applied to all our paper cups,single wall ,different uses applications:coffee,tea,hot and cold drinks.

Measurement Dimension
paper cup top diameter Top Diameter 75 mm
paper cup height Height 88
paper cup bottom diameter Bottom Diameter 53 mm
MOQ : ≥ 100,000PCS
Customize : Logo & Size
Product Details

Features of 8oz double wall paper cups

Please read below notices about our products including 8oz double wall paper cups before choice

  • Compostable Cornstarch coating made the saying “comes from nature and returns back to nature” becomes reality. that’s why we have so many different products series to meet different needs of different origins
  • Polyethylene (PE) is environmentally friendly, but do not put the PE coated paper cups in the microwave, general cling film with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), environmental protection PE film in 110 centigrade heating is hot melt, and decomposition of toxic resin, ordinary microwave (note is ordinary) temperature of 120 degrees.
  • Water-based coating (environmentally friendly and biodegradable).

These kinds of 8oz double wall paper cups and 12oz double wall paper cups can be offset printed and flexographic printed.


Your factory inspection is welcome!

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