6oz paper cups

6oz paper cups are small paper cups typically used for serving hot or cold beverages such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or juice.

They are convenient for use in various settings, including offices, homes, cafes, and other food establishments.

  • Type: single wall
  • Material:paper pulp/craft /Corrugated Paper
  • Print:pure or colorful print
  • Features: disposable,custom made,lid optional,strong
Measurement Dimension
paper cup top diameter Top Diameter 69 mm
paper cup height Height 71
paper cup bottom diameter Bottom Diameter 50 mm
MOQ : ≥ 50,000PCS
Customize : logo,color,printing
Product Details
  • These paper cups are often made from renewable and sustainable resources, such as paperboard or biodegradable materials, which makes them an eco-friendly option for disposable cups. They may also come in different designs, such as plain white or with printed patterns or logos, to suit different preferences.
  • Get the perfect, single-wall paper cup for your next event! Our 6oz paper coffee cups are made with quality white cardboard and feature a variety of printing and handling options—from embossing to varnishing to stamping and matt lamination. Plus, they’re disposable and customizable, so you can create the perfect cup for your event. Get yours today!
  • Get your message across with 6oz paper cups from OEM. Our single wall paper cups are crafted from high-quality white cardboard and feature a range of printing and handling options, including embossing, varnishing, stamping, and matt lamination. Perfect for any occasion, these disposable cups are sure to make a statement. Make your mark with 6oz paper cups from OEM today!
  • Personalised paper coffee cups can be customized to different sizes
    6oz paper coffee cups
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