16 oz paper coffee cups with lids for cold and hot drinks low price

16 oz paper coffee cups with lids, filled capacity 500ml, is the type of paper cups commonly used in coffee shops and milk tea stores

it also includes 14oz/400ml, 16OZ/500ml, while the household paper cups are usually 8oz/250ml, 9oz/250ml larger cups have 20OZ/610ml, 24OZ/700ml. 700ml, less than 6.5oz paper cups are often used as cups for tasting purposes.

Measurement Dimension
paper cup top diameter Top Diameter 90 mm
paper cup height Height 135 mm
paper cup bottom diameter Bottom Diameter 60 mm
MOQ : ≥ 30,000PCS
Customize : Logo & Size
Product Details

Our specially designed 16 oz paper coffee cups with lids for coffee shops have distinctive features, as listed below.



No matter PE, PET, PLA paper cups are disposable, the point is that they are easy to carry, safe and hygienic, corresponding to retail stores, coffee shops, milk tea stores, take-away, etc. are indispensable.


Some people are concerned about the safety of paper cups, but this is not necessary. Even PE laminated or PLA paper cups can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees without any odor. The paper cups are printed with edible soy ink.

A variety of paper choices

It can be kraft hollow paper, or thickened virgin paper pulp for paper cups with high hardness, either single paper cups or double-walled cardboard with heat insulation.

Customized design and printing

Exclusive LOGO, picture, label, text, QR code, etc. can be customized on demand

Hot and cold dual-use

Hot and cold drinks paper cups all in one, no fluorescent whitening agent added

A variety of lids to choose from

U-shaped leak-proof lid, 8.0/9.0 caliber black or white switch cover optional, lid cup body articulation tight

Rich paper cup design

More quality sense, widely favored by the public

Apart from 16 oz paper coffee cups with lids,Other domestic cups can be 7 oz white paper cups with free sample and 8 oz paper cups with lids hot sale

Single wall and double wall 16 oz paper coffee cups with lids

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