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A healthy diet is not possible without asking if the paper cups or tableware is indeed 100% safe to contact in our mouth focovir is committed to fulfilling it with these critical questions in mind

available for hot and cool drinks

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Anhui focovir paper co.,ltd established in 2001. it is a private company, located in Anhui, a high-tech province in China,3 hour trip to shanghai by train. there are around 100 workers and covers 960,000 square meters. mainly including double wall paper cups ,single wall paper cups and rippled paper cups

Mainly produces various types of coated paper and printing various fan-shaped films, and specializes in producing various types (hot and cold drinks) of paper cups, coffee cups, food and beverage cups, advertising cups, corrugated cups, etc. 

By 20 years of efforts,focovir has become a leading company in the industry and expand product ranges from customized paper cups to paper bowls, fiber pulp bio-degradable disposable tableware. an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons can be completed thanks to a fully automated robot and production flow line.

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General Questions

2.5-22oz are available,PE/PLA/Craft/Bamboo etc

The accurate way is to measure the top diameter ,bottom diameter and height of the cups

Sugarcane Bagasse
Square 12oz 10g
Oval Bowls 20oz/24oz/25oz/32oz etc weight from 15g to 26g
Sugarcane Round Bowls 12oz/16oz/24oz/32oz weight from 10g to 23g 
Counterpart lids are avialble weight from 17g-19g

That’s within the scope of customization service

Yes,the paper cups can be used for cold or hot drinks ,the paper bowls are capable of withstanding 250°F/121°C

Free Sample with Freight Collect

15 days to 30 days varies by quantity

Customized paper cups
All paper materials are disposable,recyclable,compostable ,In full compliance with food safety regulations
Superior cost management experience allows us to lower our prices than the average market price, and enjoy more discounts for direct shipment from factory
24/7 Service.Fast reaction to any request,Fast delivery. updating all production progress every 3 days,just a logo and requirement sheet and leave others to us

Our customized paper cups and paper bowls Advantages

As a professional manufacturer of Customized paper cups and paper bowls, we have advanced automated production equipment and mature technology to provide customers with personalized brand promotion services. With the purpose of developing paper industry, protecting global environment, maintaining human health and sustainable development, we have introduced the world’s high-end environmental protection five toxic and odorless ink printing machine, automatic cup making machine and bowl making machine. We can produce hollow paper cups, corrugated paper cups, foaming paper cups, rotary core cups, color changing cups, square paper cups, round cups, oval cups, PLA paper cups, non-plastic coated paper cups, etc. We can provide coffee paper cups, ice cream cups, yogurt cups, tasting paper cups, single and double layer paper cups, milk tea cups, juice cups, cold drink cups, take-away boxes, anti-scald paper cups, ps paper cup lids, paper buckets and other disposable paper cups and paper bowls customization such as advertising paper bowls, food boxes, paper bowls, packing boxes, paper bowls. The company also provides disposable food packaging products and injection molding products.

With scientific management, we have developed different specifications of Customized paper cups and paper bowls with the following advantages

  1. Free design, free publication, free printing
  2. We have professional designers to customize exclusive patterns for you, not to repeat, fashionable and generous, a variety of design options to choose from
  3. Environmentally friendly and healthy material, biodegradable, waterproof and oil-proof, so that your customers can buy with confidence
  4. Can be customized printing LOGO, shape, copy, color, surface treatment
  5. Thicker paper and better feel than similar products from other manufacturers
  6. Make the product more corporate brand charm, professional after-sales, peace of mind and more intimate.
  7. Good publicity effect, conducive to brand promotion.
  8. Not easy to wear and tear, not easy to fade.
  9. Excellent quality and low price
  10. 20 years export experience, products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc
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